Land Registry Scotland

The Land Registry Scotland service enables you to find and view records of land ownership and title deeds in Scotland. This can be very useful if you are searching for a particular piece of land and want to find out who the registered landowner is, or to view and update your own Scottish Land Registry records. The service is run by the government and is part of HM Land Registry and the UK Land Registry, allowing the searching and viewing of title deeds for UK land owners, as well as new registrations.

Scottish Land Registry

The Scottish Land Registry is the part of the UK Government title deed service that deals specifically with land registration in Scotland. In the vent of needing to search official documents the best course of action is to first define the land or property you are interested in, obtaining as many details about the property as possible before approaching the official Government service. If you fail to obtain all the property details you are required to have it is possible the title deed service may not be able to help you, so make sure you are fully equipped to obtain the documents you require.

Land Registry UK

The Land Registry UK is the overall governing body of the property deed search services in the UK and part of HM Land Registry. Searching for land registry house prices or owners of property in the UK is likely to take you to this official body. You can also find land registry forms, registry offices and the official department depending on which part of the UK you live in. When searching or lodging title deeds and property deeds in the UK it is imperitive you contact HM Land Registry UK for the correct advice and tp be sure you are following the authorised proceedure before conducting your property search or registering property in the UK.